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A tip of the hat - and head - to Serenbe’s Sleepy Hollow adaptation

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Metamorphoses and Mighty Myths and Legends score hits with watery sets

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Dad’s Garage sends up Dickens’ Christmas classic with annual improv adaptation

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New play finds contemporary relevance in Greek mythology

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40 low-cost plays in 4 days plus free events

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Pulitzer-winning playwright Donald Margulies takes first-world look at third world problems

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Play about WWII physicists as dense and full of energy as uranium

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The new four-day event draws on a long history of underground performers

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Show helps you find your inner badass

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Rothko play has audiences seeing Red, in a good way

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August: Osage County leads Atlanta theaters’ best work of the year

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Alliance Theatre goes back for sloppy seconds

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Victorian-era sex comedy takes pleasure into its own hands

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Play pits C.S. Lewis’ Christianity against Freud’s atheism

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Georgia Shakespeare, Actor’s Express and other local playhouses take steps to stay open

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Three new productions capture the zeitgeist of different eras

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Actor’s Express production gets stuck in an awkward phase

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Theatrical Outfit production too heavy on history and light on drama

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Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theatre production pranks the Ivory Tower, multiculti oversensitivity

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Spotlight is on Mother Nature during rural theater’s summer repertory

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PushPush Theater’s off-kilter comedy will give you the warm fuzzies

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Playwright Mike Schatz lets it all hang out in fun, revealing new work

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Chris Kayser and Tess Malis Kincaid live up to image of larger-than-life lovers

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Grimsley’s play about gay culture remains provocative 25 years after its debut

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Actor’s Express performance captures the tragedy of one of history’s wittiest men

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Artistic Director Christina Hoff discusses the company’s debut

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Caustic Pulitzer winner turns family feuds into rollercoaster ride

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Puppeteer Michael Haverty reflects on his late mother in his latest play

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Horizon Theatre play’s performances don’t exactly stoke the theatrical flames