ATL Comic Profile: Odinaka Ezeokoli

Tuesday January 18, 2011 02:42 pm EST

Image There’s something familiar but intriguing about comedian Odinaka “OD” Ezeokoli that endears audiences to him, even when they can’t relate to him. Born and raised in Atlanta, but schooled in Nigeria, he has been sharing his experiences and making his rounds for the last three years. Having moved up the local comedy ranks with hard work, positivity, and most importantly, funny material, OD is now finding stage time all over the city, and making the most of it.

ATLien since: 1984 (on and off)

Comedian since: 2008

A lil’ joke: “I just moved into my 1st home... it’s also my parent’s home. With the economy the way it is, and me moving back home, things are a lil’ tight. It’s me, my little brother, my other little brother, my baby sister, my Uncle just moved in with us, and my parents in a 3-bedroom house — weird. A house full of Nigerian immigrants living in America, and yet we’re this much closer to fulfilling the Mexican Dream... we’re about two families short but we’re on our way!”

Upcoming performances:
Tues, Jan 18th- International House of Punchlines, Basement Theater, 8 pm
Tues, Jan 18th- Limerick Junction, 9 pm
Thurs, Jan 20th- 40 Acres and a Stool Comedy Tour, Basement Theater, 9 pm
Tues, Feb 8th- Urban Grind Coffee, 8 pm
Fri and Sat, Feb 18-19- Hosting at Buford Variety Theater, 8 pm

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